Apollo Phoenix Kart

A Global Racing Phenomenon.

Apollo Phoenix Kart

Introducing the Apollo Phoenix Kart, a true game-changer in the world of twin-engine prokarts. Launched in 2022, this exceptional chassis, born from a collaborative effort with Simon Wright Racing Developments, has taken the racing world by storm.

With a debut season that left competitors in the dust, the Apollo Phoenix Kart has become a symbol of excellence and innovation.

Designed for Greatness

The Apollo Phoenix Kart has been meticulously designed to excel in the demanding realm of twin-engine kart racing. Its engineering brilliance ensures unrivalled performance agility and reliability making it the choice of champions.

Apollo Karts

Championship Domination

In its very first season, the Apollo Phoenix Kart showcased its prowess by claiming victory in multiple prokart championships and races across the UK. Notable triumphs include dominating the British Endurance Championship and conquering the Teeside Owner Driver Sprint Series. These victories solidify the Apollo Phoenix Kart's status as a force to be reckoned with on the track.


Chassis Information

Designed for Twin-Engine Honda Prokart
Tubes Ø 32mm
Wheelbase 1060mm
Axle Ø 30mm H/T Hollow
No. of Axle Bearings 3
Braking System Kelgate GTK Self Adjusting with Floating System
Frame Colour Black Glitter
Rolling Chassis Included Accessories IZTECH Fibre Glass Seat, Magnesium Wheels, Front and Rear Torsion Bars, Aluminium Pedals, F1 Style Steering Wheel
Bodywork CIK Homologated KG 507

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Whether you're an experienced racer seeking the ultimate karting experience or a team looking to dominate the twin-engine kart racing scene, the Apollo Phoenix Kart is your key to success. Explore our range of karts and parts, experience the thrill of racing at the highest level, or connect with us for distribution opportunities.

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A Global Contender

The Apollo Phoenix Kart is not confined to the UK; it has transcended borders and is now a global contender in twin-engine kart racing series. Through our extensive distribution network, we proudly serve customers around the world, providing access to our top-tier karts and parts. Regardless of where you are, our commitment to delivering high-performance karting solutions knows no bounds.

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At Apollo Karts, we don't just race; we redefine karting excellence. Join us as we continue to conquer tracks around the world with the Apollo Phoenix Kart, a true symbol of innovation, performance, and global racing dominance.

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