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British 24 Hour Endurance Kart Race

At Apollo Karts, we are your gateway to the most exhilarating endurance karting events, including the prestigious British 24 Hour Kart Race at Teeside Autodome.

Whether you're a seasoned team or a group of passionate racers looking for the ultimate challenge, our "Arrive and Drive" packages are your ticket to the world of 24-hour kart racing.

Conquer Teeside Autodome

The British 24 Hour Kart Race takes place on the International Circuit at the Teeside Autodome. This race is a true test of endurance, with teams of 2-10 drivers competing against up to 95 teams across owner and hire categories. Owner teams can choose from four sub-classes: Elite, Super Pro, Pro, and Clubman.

Apollo Karts

Arrive and Drive

Apollo Karts "Arrive and Drive" Package for British 24 Hour Kart Race:

Our comprehensive package includes:

• Apollo Phoenix Prokart
• Two Honda GX200 Kart Racing Engines
• Race entry fee
• One set of race tires
• Full kart preparation before the race weekend
• Mechanical support

Please note that our package does not include:

Race/Test Fuel, Testing Track Fees, Transponder, Crash Damage, Lap Timer, Sticker Kit, Personal mechanic (available at additional price).


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Are you ready to take on the ultimate endurance karting challenges? Contact Apollo Karts today to secure your "Arrive and Drive" package for the 24 Hours of Le Mans Kart Race and the British 24 Hour Kart Race. Unleash your racing spirit and let's conquer these legendary events together!

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