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Apollo Karts

Revolutionising Karting in the UK & Beyond.

At Apollo Karts, we are more than just a kart manufacturer and racing team – we are a driving force in the world of prokart sprint and endurance racing across Europe.

Founded by Adam Nichols, an illustrious two-time Super One Champion and British 24hr Kart Race winner, our journey in the racing world is marked by excellence and innovation.

A Testament to Excellence

In its inaugural season, the Apollo Phoenix Kart took the UK prokart racing scene by storm, clinching multiple championships and victories in prestigious competitions such as the British Prokart Endurance Championship and the Teeside Owner Driver Sprint Series. These triumphs underscore our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in karting.

Apollo Karts

Apollo Phoenix Kart Chassis

In 2022, we introduced the Apollo Phoenix Kart chassis, a game-changer for twin-engine prokarts. This revolutionary chassis is the product of a strategic partnership with Simon Wright Racing Developments, a name synonymous with kart engineering excellence. The Apollo Phoenix Kart chassis represents the pinnacle of engineering and design, setting new standards for performance, agility and durability.


Join the Movement!

Whether you're a seasoned racer seeking the unrivalled performance of the Apollo Phoenix Kart chassis or an aspiring driver looking to make your mark on the karting circuit, Apollo Karts welcomes you to be a part of our exciting journey. Explore our cutting-edge equipment and discover the thrill of racing with us.

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A Force to be Reckoned With.

Our racing ambitions extend beyond manufacturing excellence. We proudly field our very own kart racing team that competes at premier events throughout the UK and Europe. Notable competitions include the British Prokart Endurance Championship, the European 24 Hours of Le Man Kart Race, and the Teeside Owner Driver Sprint Championship. Our talented team of drivers, equipped with the Apollo Phoenix Kart, consistently delivers stellar performances, earning accolades and respect on the track.

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For kart enquiries or to race with Apollo Karts, please contact us and visit our social media channels for the latest updates, race schedules and product details. At Apollo Karts, we are not just racers; we are innovators, champions and a community united by our passion for karting. Join us as we continue to redefine karting excellence on and off the track.

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